What to Do When Water Damage is Present in Your Home

Any type of home repair can be a rather annoying thing to deal with. At first, the damage must be assessed properly. Sometimes, it can be fixed by the owner. However, there are other cases in which the damage is far too great. Professional help would then be required to deal with the situation. One common issue home owners face is the problem of water damage. If not taken care of properly, the lasting effects on one’s home can become catastrophic.

What is Water Damage?

Oddly enough, there are different types of water damage that one’s home can encounter. Those in the industry are generally able to diagnose the source of the damage based upon overall color. For instance, a darker color (usually black) can be the sign of a leak involving oil, grease, or some water coming from a sewer. Usually, this is considered to be the more dangerous type based upon the bacteria that could be embedded in the water. This damage needs to be dealt with ASAP.

There’s also clear water — which could be the result of a busted pipe or sink. The key here is to try and contain any overflowing water. Otherwise, the damage could increase and turn into the second-most toxic damage type. When this happens, the water can become contaminated. If the pipe or sink isn’t the cause of this second level, normally professionals attribute the damage to something including detergent or soap.

Where Can This Damage Occur?

The impact can be very costly on one’s home. Aside from the obvious health concerns one can encounter with severe water damage, parts of the home may have to be replaced in the process. Water damage can wreak havoc on someone’s dry wall/structural framework. Often times, mold will grow as a result of the sitting water should it not be dealt with properly in a sufficient amount of time. In worse scenarios, parts of the home will have to be replaced (which will be time consuming and quite costly).

Additionally, any water damage to one’s electrical system can be catastrophic from a financial standpoint. Electricians presumably would need to replace all the fixtures in addition to the delicate wiring. With much of the wiring connected to all levels of a home, one could encounter a situation where all of the electrical wiring could be replaced. This is a nightmare scenario.

Steps To Fix Problem

The first thing for any individual should be to assess the damage. If it can be taken care of at home, this will minimize the cost it would otherwise take to hire someone to work on the repairs. If the damage is too great, hiring a professional would be the best-case scenario. This is especially the case for those with no experience in home repair. One should reach out to family and friends in order to find a trustworthy professional.

There are also reviews online which could lead the prospective customer to the right person. Lastly, there are thousands of repair companies listed on digital platforms. After doing the research, the individual should be able to compare prices with quotes, and then select their repair person accordingly.

Image Source: BMS CAT